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We provide services ranging from trusteeship to the filing of all tax forms.  We have handled all assignments with the utmost of discretion..

We act as trustees for estates, insurance trusts, Section 1035 exchanges, children or elderly, and for business purchases.

Management of Properties or Businesses
We act as managers of either businesses or realty for absentee owners.  We provide reports and all filings  necessary.

Succession Planning We offer assistance in the planning for succession in a business or profession.  We handle everything from arbitration to structure.

Estate Planning
We handle Estate Planning from the allocation of the estate's assets,  to the mitigation of taxes,  to the cash flow necessary to pay taxes when due.

Tax Return Filings
We can provide the filing of all types of tax returns. From estate and gift tax returns to excise tax returns  can be filed by our firm.

Asset Protection or Recovery
We can consult in the protection of assets from situations such as possible court  liens to such things as divorces.  We also can assist in the recovery of debts owed you or your company.  We can even trace and recover assets.

Elder Care
We provide Elder care.  We can assist in finding and monitoring service providers to the elderly.  Elderly can be maintained in their own residence with proper monitoring.  Or we can provide bill paying and monitoring for those still able to handle the other day to day functions but are afraid that they can not properly handle their financial affairs.

Education Funding and  Planning
We assist in obtaining loans and scholarships for your children's education.  Also offered is the planning for saving for the educational costs of today's college degrees.

Payroll Preparation
We can supply payroll services. Unlike others, we can make payroll checks out within three hours or less. While our fees are competitive with other companies, our services are outstanding. If you make errors on your payroll it can cost way more in penalties than our charges.  Then consider the time to prepare and print checks, Federal/state quarterly forms, NEW HIRE forms, W-2's and W-3's. What about confidentiality?  What about vacations and turnover of payroll producing employees? Do you worry about having your Form 941 totals NOT match your year-end W-3 totals?

Household Employees
Just like our payroll services, we can handle the reporting requirements of your household employees.  No penalties, no time wasted, and freedom from the reporting worries is what we provice for minimal costs.

Computer Services
We provide complete computer solutions.  We select equipment, setup networks, make and install web sites, and do custom software (or select appropriate commercial software packages) for your business.  We also consult on your present system as to improvements, upgrades, or expansion.

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